How to Integrate Shopify with Facebook Sell Exercise Equipment Online

How to Integrate Shopify with Facebook Sell Exercise Equipment Online

Interested in making money out of selling exercise equipment online? Here is how to integrate Shopify with Facebook and start selling your products on the web!


Shopify has everything you need to build, design, and run your own online store! If you are a store owner, ecommerce solution Shopify allows you to create a Facebook shop that automatically syncs with your store. In other words, you can sell directly on Facebook and all of your products and inventory (sales, prices, and etc) will be automatically updated on Facebook when it is updated on Shopify.

If you are wondering how to integrate Shopify with Facebook to sell exercise equipment online, Shopify Facebook App is the best solution you can use. The app is free to download (it only requires for you to use one of Shopify packages). To set up your Facebook shop, you need to connect your Facebook page with Shopify.

The greater the accessibility of your Shopify products, the more you will be able to sell. If you are still using your physical store to sell your exercise equipment, it is time to move to ecommerce.

The Shopify platform makes the process super easy and painless. In just a few minutes, you will be selling your gym and exercise equipment to online shoppers from all over the world, helping people to stay fit without leaving their comfortable homes.

The proven and highly effective system Shopify offers can bring your business or brand to a global audience. From order processing technology and advanced shopping cart to fast servers, secure web hosting, and helpful apps, Shopify can simplify even the most complicated tasks.

You can choose from the extensive database of professionally designed templates. Select the right theme to build your website and start selling your exercise equipment online in no time.

In order to boost your sales, you can set up Facebook ads. Facebook ads allow you to create personalized campaigns, displaying Facebook ads to users and followers that have been looking at your Shopify store. The ads can help you attract more people and encourage them to purchase your exercise equipment.

Integrating your Facebook page with your Shopify store can give your marketing efforts and strategies greater reach and boost the effectiveness while saving you time to focus more on running your online store. Most businesses invest a lot of effort into maintaining a social media presence and integrating it with a Shopify store definitely can maximize those benefits.

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