How to Integrate Shopify with Facebook Messenger

and Connect with Your Customers Instantly

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Shopify gives you an opportunity to browse and purchase your items through Facebook Messenger!
Here is how to integrate Shopify with Facebook Messenger!

Facebook Messenger offers a quick messaging module for all Facebook users. The app connects with your Facebook friends and followers and generates easy and quick conversations.

Recently, Facebook opened a new section where companies can sell their products, get sponsored content, and post ads to attract new customers and potential buyers.

The Facebook Messenger app is successful, considering the fact that so many people use Facebook.

Seeing as companies and brands can now sell on Facebook Messenger it is definitely worth looking into the new Shopify feature that integrates into Facebook Messenger.

A step-by-step Guide To Open A Shopify Facebook Store

Shopify gives you an opportunity to browse and purchase your items through Messenger. The main point of the Shopify Facebook integration is to create a personal conversation with your customers. It works similar to Shopify app, however, it is considered as a built-in feature.

The best part is that you don’t have to open a new customer service module. The communications go directly through the Shopify dashboard serving as a live chat.

The first example of how Shopify Facebook Messenger works is when a visitor comes to your store to buy something. Before they decide to buy they want to ask certain questions.

It works like a customer support chat box placed on your website. Once the transaction is being completed, the purchaser will receive an order tracking and shipping update without looking at their email. A message will be sent to their Messenger and send them a notification on the Facebook app.

Both you and the buyer don’t have to go around searching for the emails or customer support tickets. This minimizes the effort and allows the customer to shop whatever he wants in the easiest way possible.

Selling on Facebook

When it comes to the payments, they can be done through the chat. The conversations with the customers are leading to more sales and sending them to your online store or website seem absolutely unnecessary. That is why there is a Buy button into the chat which keeps your customers in Facebook, so you can sell on your own Facebook store.

The payment processes through the Facebook chat and it still runs through your store on the backend. A receipt makes its way to the customers and they get updates through the Facebook chat when products are shipped and delivered.

The Facebook Messenger tool is free of charge when using Shopify. You are already paying for monthly Shopify plans and the Facebook messenger comes along with your package (if you have already built a store on Facebook). There is no need for you to install an extra app to get the Facebook Messenger app working.

Even though the apps are simple to work with through ecommerce solution Shopify, this cust down on time spend configuring your website.

So, how to integrate Shopify with Facebook Messenger and connect with your customers instantly?

Well, all of your products, descriptions, photos, and other elements are already in your Shopify store. Even if you don’t have a Facebook page, the Facebook Messenger app can pull all of the details into the Messenger chat for Facebook users to browse around and make purchases.

Any Shopify customer could use this tool. You will have access to customer support chat app and have a direct link to your customers. Facebook is a place where people hand out so why not give them a chance to reach out to your products and make the purchases quickly.

The Shopify Facebook Messenger tool seels like it can do amazing things for your business, so give it a try today.

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